Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hope I'm not boring you

Here are more of my Totally Stampalicious! cards.  (
"Gus and Stella" are quite a pair.  These have the words, "Then again so does insanity" on the inside of the card.
again, with the same sentiments
This one has the words, "Still remains a secret" on the inside.
 Having been married for 40 years, I can only laugh along with Gus and Stella!
More Gus golfer:
and another
and, finally, some "Beer Guzzlin' Gus"
This Gus comes with 6 different sayings.  It was so hard to choose!

More Stampalicious

Just a few more Totally Stampalicious! ( cards to share...Here is "Birthday Gus."  You get 2 different Gus figures and 2 phrases in this set.

Here's the other image from the set.
And I can't show you 'Birthday Gus" without giving equal space to "Stella Birthday."
...and another as a redhead!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Where to get stamps

Earlier, I posted some cards I made with some Totally Stampalicious! stamp sets, but I didn't provide a link to the company.  It is  If you want to have some fun, go to the website to view their images.  You won't stop laughing!


Because this is my first day of blogging, I'm just learning how to add pictures.  It seems I can only add a few pictures at a time.  That's why I have so many entries for one day.  Here are a few more of my Totally Stampalicious! cards.
...and another Gus golfing.

More Totally Stampalicious!

This is another Totally Stampalicious! image.  This is "Gus Golf."  He comes with two other
 funny sayings..."Who's your caddy?" and "The older I get the harder it is to find my balls!"  If you are or know a golfer, I'm sure you feel you need this stamp set in your collection.  I laughed the entire time I was making this card.

Speaking of laughing,  here is another Totally Stampalicious! image.  This is "Stella Nurse."

Here's Stella with more subdued colors.

My First Picture

Well...I did it!   I finally bought my first digital camera.  Believe me when I tell you I STRUGGLED with the camera and had to have a friend guide me through connecting it to my computer.  Thank you, Tracey.  Then, another friend just showed me how to send the pictures on emails and to my website.  Thank you, Richard!
I know I need to learn how to take better pictures and how to edit them...but, with me, it's baby steps!  Let's hope I can add some pictures to this post!
This is "Beer Guzzlin' Gus" from Totally Stampalicious!  Isn't he just the "cutest" guy you ever saw?  I found Totally Stampalicious! quite by accident one day and absolutely fell in love with its wonderfully-funny images and humorous words.