Thursday, October 11, 2012


What a dummy I am!  I forgot to put my other Deer cards on the post below.  These were done with the same die cut as below, but what a different look they have.

See all my supplies on the SplitCoast Gallery under carleneanne.

It's a little difficult to see the sky in this photo, but it really does show up on the card itself.  Obviously, the deer die cut just cuts the paper, and my nature-loving husband did not approve of featureless deer.  So I sponged some color on and gave them eyes and noses.  (He didn't mind all-white deer in the cards below!)  I also cut the deer apart (The die cuts them together.) so I could stagger them in the field.

This time, a vertical orientation and gray clouds.

All my best,


  1. Lovely woodland cards Carlene. And I think they look great with eyes and noses!

  2. Beautiful. :-) Such lovely scenes you have created. Your skies look amazing. Read your previous post. Hop in there with those Copics! Practice makes perfect plus you'll get totally hooked and never look back. LOL Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. Hugs!

  3. Beautiful cards, and great scenes...I have look at your SCS post so I can find out what die you used...It's on my wish list.