Monday, October 22, 2012


As I've said before, I have "played" with Copics for a few years, but only recently took the Standard and Intermediate Certification classes.  Cindy Lawrence was our teacher, and she was wonderful.  The day before the certification classes, Cindy did an extra workshop she called "Copic Fun With Textures."

In essence, we colored items with our Copics, and then spritzed colorless blender onto various cloths and pressed them down onto our colored areas.  The difference was amazing.  We didn't actually finish any of our projects during the class because Cindy wanted us to have time to experiment just with the texturing concept.

This past week, I decided to finish the coloring and make cards out of the images.  Here are the results.  I will uploaded them to the SplitCoast Gallery soon and will list all the materials there.  You may find them under my screenname carleneanne.

On this one, we made bricks on the wall using the nib end of our colorless blender.  After coloring the pajamas on a separate piece of cardstock, we spritzed a piece of terry-cloth towel with colorless blender and covered the pjs with it.  The pjs were cut out and paper-pieced...made them look like polartec!  The polka dots on the blanket were created by repeatedly touching the point of the colorless blender into the green.

On this card, we used the "pointilism" (sp?)  technique to show texture on the sweater.  I think I put too much "snow" on the scene for you to actually see it in this picture, but it shows up on the card.  Then we used Copics Opaque White paint to add texture to the penguin's fur and to create the snow storm.

This adorable pair of angels was perfect for using 2 different textures.  On the blue coat, we spritzed twill fabric with colorless blender and pressed it onto the image.  On the green coat, we made polka dots with the brush tip of the colorless blender marker.

I was so in love with this angel image that I bought the stamp to create additional cards.  On this blue coat, I used twill cloth; on the green coat, I used waffle fabric.

 I didn't add any texture to this green coat, but used the brush tip of the colorless blender marker on the pink coat.

 I didn't add any texture to this green coat, but spritzed colorless blender on terry cloth for the blue coat.

Blue coat was terry cloth; green coat was waffle fabric.

Blue coat was terry cloth.
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  1. Wow! I really like how you added texture and demension to your copic coloring through the different techniques...Must show these to my husband (the copic colorer in my house...) Great cards.

  2. What great cards Carlene! Isn't it amazing how we can add texture to the colors with just some scraps of fabric!

  3. Wow, you are going to have quite a stash of Christmas cards ready! Love how you did the different textures. So neat how cards with the same image can look so very different. Beautiful work.

  4. It took me about 10 tries to get past word verification to post my comment! It must be awful fussy today.

  5. WOW! You got some fantastic result from all those techniques. All of your card looks fantastic and you've put a dent in your Christmas card list. LOL Hugs!